We deliver  training workshops in person on topics including skill building, identity exploration, personal positioning, communication and interpersonal effectiveness. In some cases we use tools such as SDI, MBTI, SDI, DISC, Have a Nice Conflict, TKI , AI and CCL's assessment series to deliver relational training and models such as Trustology or large group interventions to further explore what issues we need to design for.

facilitation & training

We offer organizations of all sizes our expertise in designing and facilitating many types of group events and trainings. We take a collaborative approach and work with the organization's sponsor to truly understand the organization's culture in order to create an effective program that meets the goals and objectives to bring the participants to the identified outcomes. These interactions can include anything from group-work and team building, to individual training on styles or relational models.  Classes such as Giving Feedback, Performance Management, or even how mangers can more effectively coach tend to be popular.  We can include assessment models, take an appreciative inquiry approach, or use one of our conflict modules.  In addition, we train on diversity and inclusion.  And we have deep expertise in board meetings and performance management cycles.


We can work with you to define and design a meeting or retreat agenda where individuals have space and time to deeply consider direction and opportunities, or become a more cohesive group. We can help jump-start the change process with small or large group interventions, team-building events, consensus building activities and more.  Our typical trainings are designed to be delivered by teaching staff, either on or off-site.