The full-time staff and affiliates of Iona Pathways has helped more than 2,000 clients identify what's next and how to get there. Focusing on people and relationships, team member skills and organizational culture, we support individuals and teams on their path to growth. We help people become more effective in their interpersonal and management journey and guide them on their path to truly become leaders. A typical engagement includes assessing current strengths and challenges, developing goals that matter, and co-designing  practices that change lives and get results.


Iona Pathways assists organizations on their path to success with consulting and strategic services around people or business. We focus on how businesses are organized, how people work together, and ways companies communicate and market their products and services for maximum impact. We work with your team to determine key objectives and outcomes for a project then work collaboratively towards a sound, strategic deliverable.   

facilitation & training

Iona Pathways designs and facilitates corporate meetings, retreats, workshops and other gatherings for maximum impact. We work with our clients to identify pivotal outcomes, develop a compelling program to meet client needs, and create engaging content to help train or support  facilitation.  We design any  custom training materials to  to resonate with your organization’s people and culture. We encourage people to think, act and speak in new ways which ultimately transforms how individuals communicate and collaborate in the workplace.

Change takes courage. It’s not always easy. That’s where we come in.

At Iona Pathways, we help individuals and groups imagine new possibilities and then move towards them.  Through coaching, facilitation and advising, we help people reach goals when they are stuck and need a different perspective, are in the midst of a change, or simply need an extra pair of hands. We help to improve interpersonal skills, change behaviors and define a leadership identity to help people effectively move toward their goals. We also help others discover their life’s work and support groups in working more effectively together.